If you are not sure what to expect at SkillsCymru, take a look at the highlights video from the Llandudno and Cardiff.

Getting in and Getting on

Exploring three leading companies in three different industry sectors, including Construction, Media and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) the SkillsCymru Getting In & Getting On video series follows one junior and one senior member of staff from each company to represent the career path that is available, what you can expect if you were to choose a career within that company or industry and aims at providing you with a clear view of what your career horizon may look like in their shoes. 

Find out what you could expect from a career at Skanska from junior to senior level.


Learn what life is like in the shoes of an Apprentice at the BBC and the journey right up to senior level


Do you enjoy science? Find out what a career in the STEM industry would be like.

Find out why some Wales' most influential people are backing SkillsCymru

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