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  • Built Environment

    From Planning and Design to Construction
    If you are looking to build yourself a future to last, then visit this zone. All the skills you need to build a house, tile it, decorate it, furnish it and create an award winning garden are in this zone.

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  • Cultural and Creative Arts

    From Floristry to Performing Art
    Let your creative skills blossom in this zone, with skills from floristry to architectural stained glass for you to try. You can try performing arts including acting, musical theatre and pop music.

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  • Engineering

    From Automobile Technology to Mechanical Engineering
    Engineering will take you from the first seed of an idea to seeing it work, whether you are designing an aircraft, programming and building a robot, designing products on a CADD system or welding.

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  • IT and Business Administration

    From Accountancy to Web Design
    If you want a future you can count on then visit the IT and Business Administration zone and find out about accountancy, design and entrepreneurship.

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  • Professional and Hospitality Services

    From Beauty Therapy to Social Care
    You can cook up a storm showing off your creative side by cooking and creating pastry and confectionery masterpieces, setting the standard with hairdressing, painting portraits with make-up and beauty.

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  • Advice, Education and Training

    Do you have a clear idea of what you want to do? Do you know how you are going to get there? If you need a bit more information to help you decide or you want to know what your options are then visit the advice, education and training zone.

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