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Get Skilled Stands

Around the event are dedicated Get Skilled Stands offering you in-depth knowledge about certain industries. You can discover new talents and try lots of different skills when you get hands-on with a Get Skilled activity. Experts are always on hand to help as you learn something new and try work-based skills, and the aim is to ensure each Get Skilled stand represents different career sectors to show you the wide range of careers out there! 

Skills Showcase

Presented in a gallery style area within the event, this feature will showcase products created by individuals as part of their job or training, representing some of the organisations and companies from the wide selection of key industry sectors exhibiting.

Careers Hub

This Careers Hub is an area where visitors get the chance to have one-to-one advice from the experts:


Teachers play an essential role in ensuring students have access to complete and up to date careers information to make the best career choices. Advisers from Careers Wales will be available to discuss the best resources available, how to access them and labour market information, so you can inform and inspire your students back in the classroom.

We know that parents are a big influence on the decisions that young people make regarding their future career. The experts from Careers Wales will be delighted to chat to parents and inform them about the resources and tools available to ensure they are fully informed about the range of opportunities available to your young people in Wales.

If you want to find out about options after 16 or 18 then head over to the Careers Clinics. Careers Wales’ advisers will be on hand to discuss the best route for you from 6th form and vocational college courses to apprenticeships and a job with training. You can discuss academic and work-related learning routes to employment and the types of employment on offer now and in the future.

Live Opportunities Board

This year’s Live Jobs Board is aimed at providing visitors with the opportunity to find out about the current available vacancies in Wales, including: apprenticeships and traineeships. The exhibitors post these vacancies on the Live Opportunities Board at the event for you to view. Ensure you take a look so that if any interest you, you have the chance to speak to the organisation face-to-face at the event and find out all you can about the role. This is a great way to get ahead of the competition, so don’t forget to take a look!


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